A Small Family Farm.

green grass field and trees

About Us

We are a small family farm that grows vegetables and pasture raises chickens. We also have a small flock of 60 laying hens that happily provide eggs. From about April-December we raise 10 steers on our pasture. But we both have other jobs – Duane conducts wildlife research for USGS at Penn State University and Lisa works at PASA.

We have created this site for friends, customers, and family to find out what is happening at Setter Run Farm. In 2010 we embarked on major remodeling to our home. You can find out more by checking the History and Renovation tabs at the top of the page.


The original property where our house was built was probably first owned by George Valentine, although we have not been able to find out who owned the property when the original land grant was made. However, the Valentines were a very well-to-do family in Bellefonte because they made their money in the iron smelting and foundry business.

The earliest information I have been able to find out about the property is that George Valentine willed 202 acres and 75 perches to his son Reuben when he died in 1856. This property is primarily located in Walker Township, but also encompasses Spring Township to the west and Marion Township to the north. Reuben did not appear to have done much with the property until 1863 when the Walker Township tax rolls noted a ‘new house and barn.’